Sustainable Fashion – The Consumer

There’s a fast growing segment of the population who want to unite style and status with social purpose.  They care about ethics and are quick to acknowledge and support those brands that have positive social, economic, and environmental impacts to the global society.

  • According to the Regeneration Consumer Study, two-thirds of consumers in six countries say that “as a society, we need to consume a lot less to improve the environment for future generations” (66%), and that they feel “a sense of responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society” (65%).
  • As reported by Sustainable Brands, ‘The 2013 Aspirational Consumer Index’ by BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility found that “more than one-third of consumers globally (36.4%) identify as Aspirationals, defined by their love of shopping (78%), desire for responsible consumption (92%) and their trust in brands to act in the best interest of society (58%).”  Sustainable Can Be Fashionable For Brands | Rachel Hearson

Sustainable clothing can further the complexity of modern fashion when consumers want both fashionable and sustainable clothing. Prior consumer perceptions of eco-friendly clothing were of an unfashionable  “eco-frumpy-look” and thus compromised its acceptance. Today, designers must find creative ways to attack the sustainability beast with a powerful combination of innovative design with sustainability standards.

Fashion sustainability to consumers also means less is more. Buying quality timeless pieces to last. The end use of a garment should not be the end of life – re-purpose, re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle – this is all a part of the consumers’ contribution to fashion sustainability.

  •  Consumers throw away shoes and clothing [versus recycle], an average of 68 pounds per person, annually.  Forget the garbage. While a few communities have textile recycling programs, about 85% of this waste goes to landfills where it occupies about 4% of landfill space and the amount is growing.   Landfill space is expensive and hard to find. –

Consumers, do your part. . .SLOW DOWN THE CONSUMPTION.

Image: World Wear Project


Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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