EDGE Talks To Amabelle Aguiluz

Amabelle Aguiluz
Amabelle Aguiluz | Photo: Will Taylor, http://www.wtphoto.com

Amabelle Aguiluz  is an artist and knitwear designer working and living in Los Angeles.  Her brand fits the EDGE designer profile.  She is innovative in her approach to texture and sustainable in her development of textiles.  Her designs are culturally relevant and yet wearable works of art.   In blending ancient techniques with machine knitting, along with a muted color pallet, she forms a  sense of emotion within her work, inspired by Eastern and Western Philosophies of art and culture.

RPHill:   When I read your Bio, I was very intrigued with your vision as an artist and designer.  Briefly tells us about your vision and your work.
Aguiluz:  My work mainly consists of the development of textile art that translate to wearable pieces.  What interests me most is the connection between the environment, the human body, and clothing. I focus on natural yarns in a neutral pallet and traditional craft techniques to develop new forms and texture for garments.  Cotton and linen are my  favorite materials to work with.

12RPHill:   Not only do you engage sustainability in your business practice, but you are a member of LA Fibershed of which I totally support the concept.   What is your role there and what do you hope to accomplish within this organization?
Aguiluz:  LA Fibershed, is an organization founded by Ashley Thayer and myself (Amabelle Aguiluz) about two and a half years ago.  Our mission is focused on an idea of bioregionalism.  Through workshops, community engagement, and resource development we hope to continue a dialogue about textiles. We hope to bring awareness and share alternative methods in the clothing industry.   This way, there is value and appreciation for the things we bring into our lives.

RPHill:  It is not easy developing a fashion business and getting it exposed. You seem to be on the right road to success, but success is often achieved with a few bumps along the way.  What are some of the difficulties or challenges in today’s role of a fashion designer and how do you find ways to overcome them?
Aguiluz:   Taking on a business is not easy and it takes time to build. You never just wake up one day and have everything happen overnight.   It is a process that takes a lot of dedication.  Today a designer has responsibilities beyond one specific task and it is important to be proactive of every area of your work to have a sustainable artist career.  I believe that having confidence and knowing your worth is very important too.  If an old system does
not work, pave your own way, move into a new direction or create a new model yourself.

RPHill:  I so love that thinking, the concept behind EDGE.  Amabelle, what has been your greatest achievement so far?
Aguiluz:   Moving into an artist studio space. I think that doing what I love everyday has given me room to really dig deep and develop authentic, personal work.

13RPHill:   Share a business tip with the reader that has served you well.
Aguiluz:  Explore boundaries and believe in what you’ve set out to accomplish.

RPHill:  What is your first memory of fashion?
Aguiluz:  As a kid I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid. I had the coolest Ariel knitted sweater, it was pretty intricate with sea creatures and I loved it so much. I thought it was the best
thing in the world.

RPHill:  One word to describe today’s fashion.
Aguiluz:  Transitional

Yes, with creative minds and talent like yours the industry is transitioning into a new era.

All Photography:  Angela Marklew
Necklace Image:  courtesy of Amabelle Aguiluz

EDGE congratulates Amabelle Aguiluz on her journey so far and extends with warm wishes for continued success.

Thank you!



Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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