EDGE at Rauschenberg Exhibition | Gagosian Gallery

I like seeing people using materials that one’s not accustomed to seeing in art. That has a particular value. New materials have fresh associations, physical properties and qualities that have built into them the possibility of forcing you or helping you do something else. 

— Robert Rauschenberg

In collaboration with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Gagosian Beverly Hills exhibits Robert Rauschenberg’s works on metal of the 1980s and 1990s.  This is the first major presentation of his work in Los Angeles since MOCA’s traveling exhibition of the Combines in 2006.

Erik ReeL, Artist

I create, I am creative, and am inspired by those who create, hence my love for all the arts including fashion design.  Erik ReeL and I attended the opening reception of the Robert Rauschenberg: Works on Metal exhibition. What resonated with me in Rauschenberg’s work is that he created art that was unexpected, unpredictable, and fearless in his approach. His use of flat sheets of metal as an exchange for canvas and the use of discarded metal scrap materials produced a visual and profound effect between the work and the viewer.

Inspiration can come from all facets of life, your surroundings, or just letting your soul stand still. We can all draw inspiration from Rauschenberg’s experimental approach of the use of unexpected materials in this body of work. Pushing and extending beyond the boundaries does ‘force you and help you do something else’ – the EDGE philosophy.

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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