Stella McCartney’s Tips at CFDA and Vogue’s Annual Fashion Fund Dinner

Stella McCartney 2014 | Wikipedia
Stella McCartney 2014 | Wikipedia

Stella McCartney was the keynote speaker at the Council of Fashion Designers of America [CFDA] and Vogue’s annual Fashion Fund dinner.  Her advice to the fashion class of 2014, as told by Marshall Heyman of [and I share to the EDGE network]:

• Go work in Paris.  “It will serve you very well if you can get there.”

• Study vintage tailoring and dressmaking. “You have to understand the past to build the future.”

• “Dip your toes into various ends of the industry.”

• “Have great respect for your name and the importance it has.”

• “The biggest thing is to be true to yourself.”

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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