inspiración. . .un lienzo en blanco

I travel for inspiration, visiting historic sites and ancient cities; I do so to remove myself from the current season, empty my mind and work from a blank space.

Marion Ayonote, Footwear Designer | a quote from EDGE talks to Marion Ayonote

The Artist - ©EDGExpo.comInspiration can be taking in what’s around you in the world, observing the culture, and being open to the influences that spark your creativity.  My travel to Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico did just that!

Art Statute - ©

The fashion industry, as in any creative industry, is challenged in creating the “next” story, trend, or product.  I know from my own industry experience that it is very OK to clean the slate and retreat to renew your thinking in order to move forward with unique, progressive, and innovative concepts. This is not a process that is common in the mega fashion business. The creative teams [designers, merchandisers, marketers, buyers] are like machines cranking out the “next” line or “open-to-buy” business plan time after time without a break.  This demanding timeline, and to some degree the demands from the consumer, are a result of today’s too much, too often, too much of the same, and lack of quality and innovation.

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For all artistic expression [fashion design, performance and visual art, literature, etc.], make it a practice to step out of your box and comfort zone to seek a level of engagement and influences that stimulate your creativity. Start with a blank canvas – un lienzo en blanco. The world is hungry for artistic expression that has no fear of being bold, daring, and progressive.

Vendor by the Mission - © Fashion in a small package - ©

All Images from Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico | January 2015 |  © P. Hill


Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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