Sustainable Fashion | Emerging Designer, Linden, on the Radar

Congratulations to Jennifer Lynn, designer of Linden, specializing in sustainable fashion.  Not only is this line made of ethical and Eco friendly practice but had the most unique presentation at the Los Angeles Fashion Council Fashion Week F/W 2015 event.

The Linden collection is EDGE’s #1 pick for LA Fashion Week for meeting the criteria of innovation in sustainable design and materials, culturally relevant and meaningful in it’s practice.

Linden designer Jennifer Lynn gained her inspiration from working at the L.A. Ballet in the costume shop.  Working with costumes on a daily basis, she was inspired by the evolving process costumes go through to be stage-ready, some things have to be completed in an unconventional way. The designs in her collection were created using a similar approach. The presentation style was unconventional as well, having two models that never leave the space, changing outfits in front of spectators, which was inspired by the theatrical quick changes she has been a part of through the L.A. Ballet.



Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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