LAFW | Emerging Designers on the Radar | Rhonda’s Top Picks

The highlight of LA Fashion Week was at Maker City LA.  Los Angeles Fashion Council Fashion Week [LAFCFW] F/W 2015, produced the best industry right fashion show featuring those designers on the radar.

If you are a retailer, part of the fashion media, or an invited guest looking for the next up and coming designer or just the experience of a well produced fashion show, this was the show to take note of.  Thanks to the production skills and creativity of Kelsi Smith, Founder/Director, this event was a hit.

Most of the collections were well focused, tight, and had a story to tell.  Of this two-day event, these designers gave us something new; vintage inspired; urban contemporary; high street style; drama; and a bit of consciousness.  They met the EDGE test of artistry, culturally relevance, and wearable.  Congratulations to all the designers of the show and keep pushing the boundaries!

Mila Hermanovski

Mila Hermanovski’s Frequency collection related to the fast-paced lifestyle we have in big cities, and also to the athleisure trend we’re currently seeing.  This came through in the fabrics used, like the spacer mesh and quilted paneling in the leggings. Silhouettes were very signature for Mila’s style, featuring mostly black colors with fabric and texture variations.  Combining mixed textures throughout the line was the statement.  A very wearable, sale-able, high-street urban look.

Stella Proseyn

Stella Proseyn designer Debbie Talanian got her inspiration through fabrics and let them lead her collection.  There was a focus on attainable beauty and everyday luxury, and fabrics that feel good and look good.  Silhouettes were clean, minimal, and still relevant without being trendy.  The pieces were designed to be ones a woman can keep in her wardrobe season after season, and were all designed and produced in LA.  A classic sustainable look that is a sure sell in at retail.

Rochelle Carino

Rochelle Carino kicked off day two with a 60s and 70s inspired collection.  The inspiration came from vintage vinyl fabric, which she built her line around.   She included pops of color through baby blues, rusty oranges, and kelly greens.  The overall aesthetic was fun and sweet with a Bridget Bardot feel.

LAFCFW2015 Vilorija © Rhonda P. Hill

Vilorija by Jelena Vujanovic presented her “Pret a Voyage” show, her first ready to wear collection.  She wanted to design pieces that were wearable and practical, and that women could wear to look chic and gorgeous on any occasion, day or night.  Each print and each embroidery is produced by Vilorija and each one has it’s own story and inspiration.

Michael Ngo

Say Yes to Ngo. . .Michael Ngo’s line, Designs by Michael Ngo, was based on the New York underground vogue scene, specifically Willi Ninja, who is regarded as the grandfather of vogue. Willi pushed vogue to the forefront of the fashion and entertainment industries during a time when the LGBT community was oppressed, and helped the community turn their struggles into triumphs. The collection embodies channeling your inner warrior, embracing your inner strengths and struggles, and making the best of who you are. This line was the most standout theatrical presentation. Ask the captivated audience who ended up backstage after the show.  And this was his debut runway!

Sustainable fashion at its best!

Linden designer Jennifer Lynn gained her inspiration from working at the Los Angeles Ballet in the costume shop. Working with costumes on a daily basis, she was inspired by the evolving process costumes go to be stage-ready, some things have to be completed in an unconventional way. The designs in her collection were created using a similar approach. The presentation style was unconventional as well, having two models that never leave the space, changing outfits in front of spectators, which was inspired by the theatrical quick changes she has been apart of through the Los Angeles Ballet.

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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