EDGE at “Ai Does Hollywood” | Student Fashion and Award Show

Do you ever wonder how design collections are judged at a student fashion event?

Patrick Francisco
Patrick Francisco

The Art Institute of California, North Hollywood, showcased it’s annual student produced fashion show – a collaboration between the students and faculty of the Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Management programs.   The designs featured were from 20 student designers at all levels.  Ai Does Hollywood fashion event served as a platform to give students the experience, the exposure, and analysis through judgement criteria.

The 4 panel judge selected 3 winners in the categories of most creative, most avant garde, and best in show.  Although there were 3 designers awarded, EDGE congratulates all designers on the achievement of their work.

 Joshua Maahs | Awarded Most Creative
Joshua Maahs | Awarded Most Creative

The fashion industry credits and awards the familiar.   Many industry professionals don’t always acknowledge or see validity in true innovation, progressive techniques, or just those talents that push and exceed the boundaries.   Out of the 20 designers, many met the EDGE criteria of artistry and innovation.  They were progressive, bold, and daring.  These emerging designers have the potential of offering wearable collections that gives us a reason to buy.

Fashion designers don’t fit in a ready-to-wear box.  There are many outputs for their designs such as costume design, red carpet/celebrity focus, couture, urban contemporary, etc.  I think that judging 20 designers in the 3 categories may have limit the acknowledgement in the breadth of talent that was showcased.

Elsie Delgado
Elsie Delgado

This runway show was presented in a beautiful [unexpected] setting on the top floor of The Art Institute’s parking garage.  The well organized event, headed by the Fashion Department Director, Alexis Sanderson, showcased a full range of talent throughout the fashion department working countless hours to put on the event.

More “Ai Does Hollywood” – BTS [Behind The Scene] from Ai Does Hollywood. . .


Feature Image: Hector Rodriguez designs






Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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