Emerging Designers, a Niche Market, and How to Get Noticed | EDGE Talks to Indie Retailer

Amara Bessa, owner of Kariella Clothing Shop, took the time to talk to EDGE about her start in the fashion industry, how often and where she shops the market, and what she does to differentiate Kariella from other independent retailers.

In a live audio interview, Amara tells us about her vision to be unique, build a loyal clientele, and offer an assortment that is not kindred to what you would expect. Many “Indie” retailers tend to look the same for a host of reasons. Amara tells us, when she shops, she is not interested in the most popular items that “buyers are buying”. She seeks to be different and it shows. The store reflects a visual, artistic aesthetic with a breadth of assortment that feels one of a kind, yet collectively focused enough for her audience.

Amara is well suited for this type of business because of her buyer, store management, and visual merchandising background.  Her multi talents [she wears many hats from modeling to managing], creativity, and drive have taken her start-up shop concept from a garage to the successful online and brick and mortar footprint she has today.

Amara shares with us, in this audio interview, her method of finding emerging designers and brands – a key ingredient in her merchandising philosophy. A good reason to stand apart from your competition and service the consumer who is hungry for up and coming brands.

Click the audio to listen to the interview.

Kariella Clothing Shop, © Rhonda P. Hill

More on Amara and her advice for emerging designers:

EDGE wishes you, Amara, continued success with Kariella!


Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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