BTS and Pre-Runway Highlights of ‘Ai Does Hollywood’ Fashion Show

The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles – presented the ‘Ai Does Hollywood’ student fashion show event, June 2015, at their North Hollywood campus.  Here are BTS [behind the scene], pre-runway, runway, and post show highlights.  EDGE congratulates all designers who participated and the award winners.  For more on this event, click on the featured article – EDGE at Ai Does Hollywood Fashion Event.

Featured Image | BTS, Lian Lavy with models – winner Best In Show award.

All photography:  Brandon Stein, Artist

BTS [Behind the Scene]

Rhonda P. Hill, Owner of EDGE, BTS Ai Does Hollywood Fashion Event, DSC_7514

BTS, Alena Sablan designs, DSC_7476, edited

Pre-RunwayPre-Runway, Ai Does Hollywood Fashion Event, Uziel Castastaneda, DSC_7329

Pre-Runway, Parisa Maknounhi, DSC_7364 Pre-runway, Parisa Maknounhi, DSC_7356

The Runway

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Post Show and Winners

Rhonda P. Hill and Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez and Rhonda P. Hill

Photography:  Brandon Stein, Artist

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