Interested in Costume Design? Tips by Alex Jaeger, Awarded Costume Designer


Alex Jaeger_Headshot
Alex Jaeger | Costume Designer

Alex Jaeger is an awarded costume designer based in Los Angeles.  His background spans multiple disciplines of the performing arts and film. We gained insight on the costume creation process and the role it plays in the performing arts from our talk with Alex.

Here are a few tips he shares with those new in the business.

* Do pursue a higher education if it is right for you. The higher education gave me confidence and actual hands-on production experience.

* I think that young designers are so anxious to work that they sometimes will take any job that comes along.

* Choose projects that you can get something from whether experience, connections, good reviews, etc. That’s how you build a career.

* Make sure you can create a successful design given the budget and resources of the project.  Set yourself up for success.

* One job will tend to lead to another, but don’t get stuck on a lateral plane.  Always look for projects that are a step up in some way.

* Saying no to a project that isn’t right for you can open you up to something better.

* Saying no to a bird in the hand is scary, but can also be very powerful.

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Image: from the play Arcadia, courtesy of Alex Jaeger

Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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