Santa Barbara Fashion Week presented by De Marcos Fashion Academy

Attention all aspiring fashionistas and those fascinated by the industry, Santa Barbara Fashion Week was a runway show full of inspiration, possibilities, and relevance.

The story was about ‘direction’, under the tutelage of Jodi de Marcos, Founder of De Marcos Fashion Academy [DMFA].  The student and alumni designers along with Jodi de Marcos’ collection presented a sophisticated collection of designs with artistry, timeless appeal, and a bit of surprise.   For a student fashion show, particularly with debut collections from 14 year olds, the ‘make’ in the clothes were, refreshingly, of substance.  In this garden like setting in the foyer at the Arlington Theatre, the designs showcased high quality construction; interesting use of color, both subtle and bold; and what really resonated were the beautiful fabrics.

Let yourself out of the bag – do something out of the box – Jodi de Marcos, Founder, De Marcos Fashion Academy

Jodi’s guidance to the students?   Step out of the boundaries.

And they did.  It’s amazing to understand how a designer can visualize the outcome of a look from an intricate creative process of 2 dimensional [sketching, pattern making] into the final fully executed 3 dimensional garment fitted and worn by models.  These designers took risks, experimented, and explored the possibilities and yet the outcome is wearable, ‘not too far out’, fashion.  What a triumph!

Congratulations to all! Student designers: Tilly Mills, Ben Radford, Lynnae ILiff, Shelly Powell, and Saul Olivas.  Alumni Designers: Katharine Kidd, Catherine Gee, and Wesly Johnson.

The Arlington | Guests |  Entertainment

dmfa-sbfw-2016-edgexpo-com-0917161911-12 dmfa-sbfw-2016-edgexpo-com-0917162024a-1

Behind-the-Scenes [new crop of models to take on the international scene]

Runway Highlights | Jodi de Marcos Collection

Runway Highlights | Alumni, Students

dmfa-sbfw-2016-edgexpo-com-0917161911-48 dmfa-sbfw-2016-edgexpo-com-0917161911-43


Lynnae ILiff, designer

Jodi’s students see her as a wonderful resource . . . Catherine Gee says, “Jodi, you are an invaluable force and have impacted so many lives. . . ”

I say keep doing what you are doing, Jodi, . . .yes, you still have ideas!


Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor

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