Color! Have No Fear

In fashion, do we produce and consume too much of the color black?  Do you know why black is used in the branding of Chanel, YSL, and Armani Exchange?  How does the color spectrum affect consumer behavior?

When I choose a colour it is not because of any scientific theory, it comes from observation, from feeling, from the innermost nature of the experience in question. – Henri Matisse

Color is a powerful element in design. It has the ability to connect a variety of feelings, moods, and reactions. It is one of the principal ways of how we express ourselves and our creativity. It is magical in that it can communicate values.

Erik ReeL, Writing On The Wall, © Rhonda P. Hill, 1389
Erik ReeL |Writing On The Wall |1389

Visual artists, such as Erik ReeL, are bold in their experimentation and use of color combinations. They study color more intensely, its characteristics, and explore its potential in the execution of their work.

 Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet. – Paul Klee

Consider this:  a sea of black and dark colors is safe, sale-able, and a visual merchandising challenge.    Kelvin Stiles, 6 Revealing Facts About Color Psychology and Its Effects on Consumer Behavior,  states that “Black is a symbol of superiority which is why it is the leading color of plenty of upmarket products. The most popular of them are brands of apparel and the fashion industry such as:

Channel Logo

One of the world’s most valuable brands, Channel uses black color in its logo to signify its prestige. The black color aptly represents the supremacy of this brand to its customers.

Yves Saint Laurent Logo

Simple and chic, the unique logo of Yves Saint Laurent matches the reputation of this brand, while the black color enriches its sophistication.

Armani Exchange Logo

The international face of fashion industry, the black color in logo of Armani Exchange blends exquisitely with the white typeface. The black color in its design gives an aura of exclusivity of this brand.”


Image source:
Image source:

The fashion industry tends to shy away from exploring the use of color [non black] in both branding and the use in product.  Color can be a form of communication, a message that speaks to your brand identity, product design, and packaging.   Designers such as Missoni and Kenzo built their brands on their bold and innovative use of color.

Kelvin Stiles talks about the role of color and consumer behavior, how it influences our buying pattern.  “The psychology of colors is a strong motivator in our selection of products. We prefer a brand due to a psychological angle and ‘color factor’ defines that aspect to a large extent.”

How are you incorporating color into your branding, marketing, and design efforts?  You may find the following guide [source: smallbiztrends.coms] helpful as you do your own research and test/focus group your market.


When in doubt wear red. – Bill Blass

Feature Image:   Pantone Folding Chairs by artist, Alessandro Zambelli

Pantone LLC, who is considered an authority on color and provides color trend services to the creative industries, is used by many fashion brand companies.  EDGE does not endorse Pantone LLC but recognizes it as a world-renowned color resource guide.

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