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Is Black the New Black? The EDGE Lookbook | Fashion In Black

An affair to remember, forever – our love affair with the color, black. We, as consumers, are comfortable wearing black.  It is our default color.  Black, in the creative community [artists and the fashion industry] is the color of choice in both fashion design and what we wear to fashion or art events. Black represents, […]

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EDGE Cosmo

inspiración. . .un lienzo en blanco

I travel for inspiration, visiting historic sites and ancient cities; I do so to remove myself from the current season, empty my mind and work from a blank space. – Marion Ayonote, Footwear Designer | a quote from EDGE talks to Marion Ayonote Inspiration can be taking in what’s around you in the world, observing […]

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EDGE Afropolitan, EDGE Radar

EDGE Talks to Designer Marion Ayonote

Nigerian born and educated Marion Ayonote designs beautifully innovative and feminine footwear. There is a need for each of these unique pieces to reflect the personality, lifestyle and aspirations of its owner. With offices based in London, Marion Ayonote creates collections that appeal to women all over the world and her approach to design has […]

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