EDGE Top Picks – Style Fashion Week NY | Brittany Nicole

Non-conforming, fun, whimsical, graphically bold, socially charged, playful, colorful, daring. This is not your usual stuff, hmm .  . . this potpourri collection stimulates conversation.

Fashion should be a little lighthearted and make you take a pause. Brittany Allen, CEO and Creative Director of Brittany Nicole, who holds an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design and is an adjunct professor at The Art Institute, in Austin Texas, gives us that pause and the unexpected.

Of the 27 featured designers, Brittany Nicole is one of a handful of emerging designers/brands EDGE selected from Style Fashion Week New York runway that represent creative ingenuity.  Standout statements are OK and a little offbeat works!  Take a look.

© 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

© 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

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© 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

Photography: © 2017 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

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Rhonda P. Hill

Founder, Publishing Editor